Soccer Tournament

The Annual Soccer Tournament was held for May 11, 2024 at Jupiter Community Park

In partnership with El Sol, the Jupiter Police Department annually hosts multiple teams of all ages who participate in a soccer tournament.  There will also be plenty of fun activities for kids and families around the park and food.  Palm Beach Fire & Rescue and the Jupiter Police K-9 Unit will also put on an entertaining and educating demonstration.

The El Sol Soccer Team was thrilled to receive new soccer uniforms from the Florida Blue Foundation

This community soccer tournament is an initiative of the Jupiter Police Department to create an avenue for interaction between the community and the police in a safe and fun environment. For more information about the soccer tournament, please contact the Jupiter Police Department at 561-741-2660

Manolo Maldonado Lopez

Manolo Maldonado, a community leader at El Sol, coaches Team El Sol. He excites the players, organizes practices, and plans for the tournament. Maldonado says, “Of course, the event is highly competitive, but the day is ultimately centered around community. Even if we’re eliminated early, it’s a chance to connect with neighbors and learn about services in Jupiter”.

Maldonado moved to Jupiter over 20 years ago. He registered with El Sol to find work and develop his skills, but quickly came to embrace the community. With a big personality, but a soft-spoken expression, Maldonado gained the respect of other workers and was elected Secretary of the Workers Council. 

His passion for soccer has also led him to coach his son’s team. The local chapter of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) recently honored client Manolo with a trophy for coaching the soccer team for 11- and 12-year-olds this past season. However, he still dreams of winning the police tournament again and continues to actively support the community through the universal love of soccer.

Maldonado is grateful to El Sol for teaching him a number of skills, including painting, landscaping, and carpentry, but says El Sol offers more than self-sufficiency: “I feel like family with all the people, Spanish and American. I feel safe in Jupiter. I love it here.”