Labor Program

The Labor Program connects workers with employers. The workers earn a dignified income while employers depend on a critical source of labor. 

Moving a chaotic, outdoor labor market indoors and creating a fair and organized system was a priority for El Sol. The labor center, open to all Jupiter residents, continues to be the heart of our organization and gives businesses and homeowners access to a hard-working, reliable day labor force.

To register to become a day laborer please contact El Sol Case Management Department at 561-745-9860.

labor center

Tomasa’s Story

Tomasa is a woman of many talents and is a shining example of the community El Sol represents. After moving to Jupiter from Guatemala with her daughter Josefa to meet up with her husband Baltazar, Tomasa came to the center with her daughter to participate in the labor program.  She waited for work in the Labor Hall, matched with employers, but struggled to find one willing to let her daughter accompany her to the job. Though Josefa is an adult, she is deaf and struggles to speak, so Tomasa does not like to leave her on her own. 

After attending vocational training workshops as part of the worker development program, El Sol staff assisted Tomasa in finding a job working with a local jeweler, fabricating woven bracelets. This job opportunity allowed Tomasa the flexibility to work from home where both she and her daughter would work on the bracelets together.

tomasa and josefa
Tomasa and Josefa
workers council

Workers Council

Men and women registered in El Sol’s Labor Program elect representatives for the center’s Workers’ Council. Members meet once a month to plan events and brainstorm ways to improve the center for their fellow day laborers.

Members serve on the Workers’ Council for two years and the president serves as the voice of El Sol clients as a member of the Board of Directors.

Gabriel Mondragon,
Workers Council President

Gabriel Mondragon